Soon after Tyson was born, his sweet Aunt Megan set up a fund and this website to help raise money and support for us while we were in Nashville for so many months. This fund continues to  help with Tyson's medical bills, gas and food when we are traveling back and forth to Nashville for appointments and when Tyson is in the hospital, and to help offset our bills since we have become a single income family.

If you wish to donate towards this fund, there are two ways to do so:

1. Use PayPal from this site. You do not need a PayPal account to donate using this option.

​2. We have just opened a new
savings account for Tyson at
UT Federal Credit Union and we will update information on how to send
funds there soon!

Thank you for thinking of our family and helping us through this difficult journey. Tyson's fund has given us the gift of focusing completely on Tyson and his recovery and we are forever grateful for that opportunity. Thank you!!!

Help Tyson Fight ® Nashville, TN
With all the generosity that has been shown to us throughout this journey, the words "thank you" just seem so insignificant. Justin and I decided early on that the best way to say thank you to all the people and organizations that have helped us is to simply pay all that kindness forward and to urge others to pay it forward as well. If you are interested in being part of this, here are some organizations that hold a special place in our hearts.
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt - Nashville, TN
The hospital that saved Tyson's life more than a handful of times and the place that Tyson has called home for over 145 days... this place is our hero. Vanderbilt Chidlren's is a non-profit hospital so they always need donations and if you would like to give you can do that HERE. Just as important as giving money, though, is giving your time. And this can be done at any hospital! To get information on volunteering at Vanderbilt, click HERE, and to find a hospital in your area, click HERE.

Ronald McDonald House of Nashville - Nashville, TN
Justin and I lived at the RMH for over 80 days while Tyson was in the ICU, and I don't think there is any way to fully explain what this place means to us. This was our home, not just a place to sleep. We would come in late at night, after being at the hospital all day long, and we were able to rummage through the fridge for leftovers from the dinner that volunteers had made that night... if that isn't a home I don't know what is! Having "home" right by the hospital, close enough that I could run faster than I could drive, was honestly what kept us from going insane. We NEEDED this place, and now we need to make sure that all the other families that need it now, will always have access to it. Click HERE for all the ways to help support the RMH of Nashville. To find a RMH near you, or to donate to Ronald McDonald Charities as a whole, click HERE.

American Red Cross - Everywhere
To date, Tyson has received over 50 blood transfusions, and over 100 blood products like platelets or plasma. Seeing syringes full of blood being pumped into our son became the norm, but we tried to never forget that each one was there because of a single person who took the time to donate it. We donate as often as we can, and we try to spread the word about how important it is. To find a donation center near you, click HERE.

Kari's Heart Foundation - Johnson City, TN
It was only a couple days after we arrived at Vanderbilt when we received our first care package from Kari's Heart Foundation. It was a bag, that we still use today, filled to the top with items that Justin and I might need. Shampoo, nail files, stamps, gum, Visa gift cards, and so many other things. That first package was so nice, but the most amazing thing, was that the care packages kept coming, about one a month. The items were all just so perfect, and there is a reason why. The founders of the organization are parents, just like us, who spent weeks in the hospital with their sweet daughter, Kari. Sadly, Kari passed away in 2009, but her spirit lives on through this wonderful mission. To support Kari's Heart Foundation, click HERE.

Donate Life - Everywhere
Although Tyson has, thankfully, not required an organ transplant yet, we know many other children that have. We also know that one day, Tyson may need a new heart, so we need to do our part now to help spread the word of the importance of organ donation. To find out ways to help Donate Life, click HERE.